Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 16: A Thanksgiving E-mail

I don't typically consider myself a lonely person, but I will be spending my first Thanksgiving away from family today. As I have just moved to LA, it just wasn't in the budget to go home this year. But the good news is that I received a very promising e-mail for a new potential mate! Not sure who she is, but it sounds like she's really into me. Maybe you can help me decipher it. Here is it: 

Hi, sweetheart! How are u? What's up?
My name is Kirstin.
So, I really do not know from what to start. Maybe from it..
One of my girlfriends showed me ur pics and I felt in love them so much!
I search for interesting, sedate male for for a very long time but there're tons of assholes who are just seducing me to fuck and then leaving me alone.
I am sure u are one of them!
So, if u r a good pal then I wait for your mail.

Oh goodness, what should I say back? 
I'd love to ask about which of my good female friends shared my pics with her. I need to give those females a pat on the back. 
But I need clarity on a few things... 
It seems like she is looking for "sedate" males, but I am currently on no medication. Would this be a deal breaker? 
Also, she seems to look down upon guys who want to have relations with her and leave, yet then she says "I am sure u are one of them." What morals am I adhering to here? I will gladly oblige.  
Also, I don't have her mail address so I suppose she'll be waiting a long time for my "mail."

Maybe I am more lonely than I thought. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I thought I was pretty clear in my mail...I'm still waiting.